Everything you need to know about an Android device

The word Android is the name given to Google’s mobile operating system. It’s primarily designed for touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones. An Android device is an electronic gadget that runs on Android OS. The first version of Android OS was developed by Android Inc before Google took over the management of Android systems back in the year 2005. Over the past few years, Android devices have become so popular and most mobile phone companies have continued to develop smartphones that support the Android operating system.

Android tablets and Android phones can be customized in a way that suits all your needs and tastes. Most new devices come with iconic features themes, wallpapers, and launchers that completely change the look of the device interface. Users of Android devices can download hundreds of applications from Google Play Store to do all sorts of things like Tweeting, browsing, taking photos & videos, managing bank accounts, playing games and much more. One of the greatest features of Android is the ability to backup all contacts in a smartphone. Every new Android device requires one to create a Google account for backing up app data and contacts. The backup features help one to retrieve back lost files and data in case of an occurrence of a data loss scenario. All users that want to backup their files must sync their data with Google. Sometimes there are several instances where the backup feature might not work, like if one doesn’t have a Google account, reliable internet connection or an activated Backup & Sync account.

how to recover deleted files on Android device

If you happen to lose your precious files, videos, data and apps on your Android device, don’t worry because there is a hassle-free solution that can help you to retrieve back all your lost data.