Is It Possible to Recover Data from a Sony Camera?

If you’re a proud owner of a Sony camera like the A7R V, A7 III, A9 Mark II, A1, A7 IV, A7R Mark IVA, A7C, ZV-1, ZV-E10, A6400, A6100, or A6000 and have recently lost important photos, then we have good news for you: their recovery is not only possible, but it’s also quite achievable with the right approach and tools.

💬 When you delete a photo from your Sony camera’s memory or SD card, the data isn’t wiped out immediately. Instead, the camera marks the space as available, but the actual data remains intact until it’s overwritten by new information. This delay between deletion and overwriting creates an important window of opportunity to retrieve your deleted photos.

However, it’s impossible to know how long the window will remain open if you keep writing new data to the storage device where your deleted photos were located. That’s why it’s extremely important to stop using your camera and the memory card right away.

Common Causes of Data Loss from a Sony Camera

When someone needs to retrieve deleted photos from a Sony camera, it’s usually because they’ve encountered one of the following common causes of data loss:

CasesDescriptionHow to Fix
Accidental deletion or formattingSometimes, we accidentally delete the wrong photos or format the wrong memory card, leading to data loss.Follow the steps provided in the section below to recover lost photos from a Sony camera or memory card using data recovery software.
Interrupted data transfer processData loss may occur when the camera or the device the camera is connected to is suddenly turned off or loses power.If data corruption has occurred, you should fix it before you attempt to recover lost files by following the instructions provided later in this article.
Improper ejection of the camera or memory cardEjecting the camera or memory card from the computer without following the proper procedure may cause data loss or corruption.    Fix any corruption that has occurred and follow the recovery steps in our guide below.
Sony camera firmware corruptionA faulty firmware may cause all kinds of strange behavior, including photos going missing or becoming impossible to open.Update the camera’s firmware to the latest version and use recovery software to retrieve lost files.
Virus or malware infectionViruses or malware are known to corrupt or even delete files.Use antivirus software to scan and remove any infection from your camera, memory card, or computer and use the recovery software recommended below to recover virus-infected files.
Physical damage to the camera or memory cardDamage to the camera or memory card, such as from dropping or water exposure, may destroy the storage chip inside your Sony camera or memory card.Seek professional assistance to recover data from a damaged SD card or camera.
Memory card corruptionLogical corruption can cause files to disappear from the card, the file system to become raw, or the memory card to now appear in File Explorer.Use memory card repair tools to fix the corruption and, as explained below, use recovery software to recover files from a corrupted SD card.

How to Restore Deleted Photos using Sony Photo Recovery Software

With the right photo recovery software, you can easily recover your precious memories. But how do you choose the right software when there are so many options available? That’s what the next section of this article is all about.

Note: If you’re not interested in how we selected the software described in this guide, feel free to skip ahead to the step-by-step instructions for restoring deleted photos.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Data Recovery Software

When choosing the best data recovery software for this guide, we focused on the following factors:

  • 💁‍♂️ Ease-of-use: We looked for software that’s user-friendly and easy to navigate even for complete beginners who have never recovered any lost data before.
  • ⚙️ System compatibility: We made sure the data recovery software supports the most commonly used operating systems, file systems, and storage devices (SD cards, CFexpress cards, etc.) used by Sony camera owners.
  • 🖼️ Recovery capabilities: We checked whether the software supports all necessary file formats, including JPEG, HEIF, RAW, and Sony ARW, to guarantee the successful recovery of your lost photos.
  • 💰 Affordable price: We sought out software that offers effective recovery features at a reasonable price, doing our best to find the right balance between cost and performance.

If you decide to do your own research for the best software to recover deleted pictures

Tips for Maximizing Recovery Success from a Sony Camera

The Sony photo recovery method described above can usually yield great results right on the first try, but there are several tips you should know about to maximize your recovery chances:

  • ⛔ Stop using the Sony camera immediately: Stop taking new pictures or videos soon as you notice your photos are missing. This prevents the deleted files from being overwritten by new data, which would make them impossible to recover.
  • ⌛ Perform recovery as soon as possible: Based on our experience, the sooner you start the recovery process, the higher your chance of success in retrieving your lost photos. Those who wait too long can accidentally overwrite the lost files or misplace the storage device.
  • 🚫 Do not save recovered files to the same memory card: When you recover your lost photos, don’t save them back to the same memory card they were deleted from. Instead, save them to a different storage device, like your computer’s internal or external hard drive. Again, this is to prevent overwriting.
  • 🛡️ Recover your data using a trusted recovery tool: Use reliable and reputable data recovery software to retrieve your deleted photos. When recovering a memory card, use a memory card reader that’s in good working condition so that it doesn’t fail on you in the middle of the recovery process.
  • ☎️ Contact a professional recovery service if you fear making a mistake: If you’re unsure about your ability to recover deleted photos on your own, don’t hesitate and contact one of the best professional data recovery services for help. While more expensive, data recovery experts have the knowledge and experience to maximize the chances of recovering your lost photos.